Now that you have gained an enhanced understanding of spatial patterns, display the "Lights at Night" satellite image of Earth and describe the point, line and area patterns you see. Describe them in relation to their locations within the continents. Note: When you display the satellite image, leave your cursor on it for a moment and a zoom button should appear in the lower right hand corner.

Give two examples of each type of pattern (point, line and area) and, as a part of the two examples of each, provide at least one example from each continent (except Antarctica). Write down your findings and descriptions.

Remember: There is no need to relate the lights to exact locations on Earth, just relate them to their position relative to the continent. Remember that the absence of lights is representative of an area pattern, as well. Think about what you see and don't see. Be very general in your descriptions to start with; this lesson moves from the general to the specific.

If you need a refresher on the patterns, go back to Step 1 and read the descriptions and look at the maps.

If you are ready to move on , go to Step 3.

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