Pre-Podiatry Track


Podiatrists are important members of the healthcare team. They, too, are often to first diagnose many systemic conditions due to the connection between foot and body (both literally and figuratively).

To enter one of the nine schools or colleges of podiatric medicine, you must first complete a minimum of three years or 90 semester hours of college credit at an accredited institution. Over 97% of the students who enter a college of podiatric medicine have a bachelor' s degree. Many have also completed some graduate study.

Actual minimum semester credit hour requirements for all of the schools and colleges of podiatric medicine include the following prerequisites:

  • Principles of Biology I & II (8-12 semester hours)
  • General Chemistry I and II (8 semester hours)
  • Organic Chemistry I and II (8 semester hours)
  • Physics I and II (8 semester hours)
  • English (6-8 semester hours)

All of the science courses listed above must have a lab and be designed for health professional students (i.e. pre-medical students).

Students are evaluated on the basis of the grade point average, their performance on the MCAT, extracurricular and community activities, personal interview and professional promise. Please go to each college's website for more information on admission requirements.

No specific academic major is required.