Pre-Veterinary Medicine

So what do I really need to do to be sucesssful in being admitted to veterinary school?  Well, click here to find out precisely what you need to do!

Overall, you need high grades on science and math courses, significant volunteering/shadowing experience, and a competitive score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Acquire as much experience with pets as possible. Consider volunteering at your local humane society or with a local veterinarian. Also remember to check out the website of the veterinary medical schools in which you are interested to make sure you are aware of any  required courses in addition to those in your major and minor.

Most veterinary medical schools require an Animal Nutrition class (not Human Nutrition). Since we do not have this class at UNA, you will have to enroll in an on-line course at another school. Many students enroll in this class at Oklahoma State, Rutgers, North Carolina State University or Purdue University. The choice is yours!