Percussion Curriculum and Handbook

UNA Percussion Curriculum

While each students course of study for career preparation is unique based on their abilities and interests, this is the fundamental outline of study for percussion majors at UNA. The goal is to get a solid foundation on all of the major types of percussion performance before moving into the major repertoire for each area. A student graduating from UNA should have the skill set to be able to perform in any job setting that they are hired for confidently! Our goal is that when someone calls, you can say "Yes" to the gig!!

Fall Freshman Year

Vic Firth Web-Rhythms (Gold Level) (available at

1___ 2___ 3A___ 3B___ 3C____ (drumset/shaker)  4___ 5___ 7___ 9___ 10___ 12___ 13___ 14___ 15___

16___ 17___ 18___ 19___20*___

Rudiments (performed Slow-fast-slow or open close open from memory)

Buzz Roll_____  Open Roll___  5 Stroke Roll___  Flam___  Flam Accent ___
 Flam-A-Cue___  Flam Paradiddle___  Drag___ Single Drag Tap ____ Double Drag ___
Lesson 25___  Paradiddle ____  Double Paradiddle___  Paradiddle-diddle___ 
Single Ratamacue____  Triple Ratamacue___

Kite “Reading Mallet Percussion” (90 bpm)

C___ F___ Bb___ Eb___ Ab___ Db___ Gb___ B___ E___A___D___G____

Major Scale Sequence________ Minor Scale Sequence _______


4 Mallet Warmup_____

Marimba Levels Julia Gaines

Level 1

Spring Freshman Year

Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for the Timpani – Raynor Carroll

Legato Stroke __ Staccato Stroke_____ Sticking Patterns____ Rolls_____

Cirone (As Assigned)

Savage (As Assigned)

Marimba Levels 2 and 3

12 Bar Blues Progression (I-IV-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-V-I-I)______

Dinkins (As Assigned)

Pickering (as Assigned)

Fall Sophomore Year

Multi (Petrella Book) Pat B___ CTA ___ 4/4 B___ DLA ___SC ___

Timpani Muffling _____ Pedaling_____ Solos___

Hand Drums

Tar – Maqsuum____ Baladi ____ Conga - Tumbao ____ Samba ___

Marimba Level 4

Synthetic Scales

Octatonic___ Whole Tone____  Pentatonic__

Lipner Vibes Real Book

Pedaling_____ Dampening ____ Dead Strokes_____

Drumset – Igoe Book

Rock___  Swing___  Bossa___  Shuffle ___  Samba ___

brushes ___

Spring Sophomore

Sophomore Barrier Jury

Marimba Levels 5 and 6


Vibes (Vibes Real Book)_____________________________


Multiple Percussion (Multitudes/Love of L’Histoire) __________________

Fall Junior Year

Clapping Music _____

Orchestral Percussion

Cymbals_________ Tambourine ________ Triangle ______ Bass Drum ______

Study the Major Orchestral Excerpts in Each Area

Spring Junior Year

Junior Recital

Study the Major Orchestral Excerpts in Each Area

Senior Year

Recital/ Audition prep

UNA Percussion Handbook

UNA Percussion Books and Equipment for Incoming Students