What is Winter Session?

A compressed academic term that offers students more flexibility and learning opportunities to help them complete their academic requirements.

What are the student benefits?

Courses offered during Winter Session provide students with an additional opportunity to:

  •  Accelerate their path to graduation
  •  Lighten course loads of other semesters
  •  Meet prerequisites for future courses

When is Winter Session?

UNA’s Winter Session will be held from December 11, 2023 – December 29, 2023.

  •  There will be 15 days of instruction with no designated day for final exams.
  •  All Winter Session courses will be offered 100% online to allow for the convenience of taking a class from home while on winter break.

Banded Tuition

Students may use Winter Session to take advantage of "Banded Tuition" and lessen their load for the Spring term while staying on track to "Finish-in-Four." For example, a student may take 6 credit hours during Winter Session and 12 credit hours during the Spring term for a total of 18 credit hours across both terms.

Financial Aid Information

  • Financial aid is available for Winter Session courses. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid with any questions you may have about receiving financial aid for the winter session at (256) 765-4278 or sfins@una.edu
  • The same guidelines for May intersession will apply to Winter Session for refunds, withdrawal dates, etc.

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