Tips on Saving Money on Textbooks

Textbooks can often be expensive. However, the UNA Bookstore offers several ways for you to save money on textbooks. The bookstore is located in the GUC and a portion of all sales support the university. Please contact the bookstore at 256-765-4642 or visit our website at if you have questions concerning textbooks.

Tips on Saving Money on Textbooks:

  • Buy Used Books from the Campus Bookstore. Used books save you 25% of the new book price.
  • Reserve Used Books online by visiting Books are reserved on a first come basis, so it is important to reserve your books early to get the most savings. The best time to reserve your books is after you register for classes.
  • Shop with Confidence. The Campus Bookstore offers a full refund for any reason during the first week of class. Since many students often change classes, the campus bookstore will save you money by refunding and exchanging books.
  • Check out your options. The UNA Campus bookstore offers many alternative formats including textbook bundles, used books, custom and loose-leaf books, and digital textbooks.
  • Digital Textbooks are available for many popular titles, and can save you an average of 40% off the cost of a new book. Digital books can be purchased at your campus bookstore or online at
  • Sell your books at the end of the semester for up to 50% cash back! The best time to sell your books is during Finals week. The bookstore will pay you 50% cash back if the book is being used in the following semester and if the bookstore quota is not met. The bookstore accepts all books back, regardless of where you purchased them.

Other bookstores in the area, such as the Off Campus Bookstore and College Book Supply, may have new and/or used books. They may also have buy-back programs.

Electronic books may be available through companies like Contact your professor to ensure that this is an acceptable option. Carefully consider the terms (e.g., 180 day access, printing costs, no refund, no DVD, no buy-back, etc.) before purchase.

Your book may be available from an electronic subscription service through the Collier Library (e.g., Books24x7). Check with your professor.

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