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Message from the Alumni Association President

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Alumni Board President Derrick Chatman

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Derrick Chatman '08 • 2018-2019 President



Greetings fellow alumni and Pride friends,

As your newest UNA Alumni Board president, I am honored to be working with the University administration and staff to represent the voice of our 60,000 North Alabama alumni living and working around the world. I embrace the challenge and the obligation to represent your needs and your diverse interests. Through the lens of UNA alumni, your Alumni Board will work diligently to advance and support university initiatives and to implement the new strategic plan.

I believe all our lives are enriched not only by this past connection to our alma mater but also by a continuing relationship with the University and fellow alumni. Our Alumni Association exists to develop and support the community we share. Specifically, we help you keep in touch with other alumni (both old friends and new), campus activities, and student life. Take a moment to think about the other Lions in your life already: friends, colleagues, a professor with whom you've stayed in touch, and maybe even a spouse. Whether you live near campus or a thousand miles away, our technological world allows us to remain connected with all of the amazing things going on at UNA. You can do so by visiting the alumni website and by following the Alumni Association's social media accounts.

There are many ways to get more UNA connections in your life. Current students and young alumni thirst for mentorship. Fellow alumni nearby would love to strike up conversations. Furthermore, there are Lions everywhere who share your industry, major, or interest. If you have not visited the campus in a while, you will be amazed at how much our university has changed in the past few years and heartened to see that it still maintains the same intangible spirit that makes our university such a unique and special place. Every day, you each have the opportunity to represent UNA through participation in chapter events, community volunteerism, current and future student outreach, and peer-to-peer collaboration. We encourage you to get involved in a local university activity that inspires you. Consider making plans to attend events such as Lions Under the Lights and the Alumni Summit, sponsored by your Alumni Association. Please join me as we challenge ourselves to be the best UNA ambassadors that we can be.

To continue to build our partnership with our alma mater, the Alumni Association is committed to engaging more alumni. We ask that you join us in this effort: if you know fellow alumni who have not heard from us recently, encourage them to visit our website at www.una.edu/alumni/, contact the Office of Alumni Relations to update their contact information, and follow the Alumni Association's social media accounts. We also ask that you make a habit of visiting the site so you can learn about upcomig events that might interest you.

In closing, I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can over the next year. More importantly, I look forward to joining efforts with you to make UNA a stronger and more successful university.

Roar Lions!
Derrick R. Chatman '08
2018-2019 Alumni Association President