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Alumni Board President Michelle Eubanks

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Michelle Eubanks '96 • 2016-2017 President


   For years, I’ve had the luxury of being able to spend time on the University of North Alabama campus, first as a student and now as the alumni association president. Quite often, in fact, my family and I will take walks through the bricked paths. We also enjoy the beauty and sound of the numerous fountains on campus, and no trip from our out-of-town guests would be complete without a visit to see (and hear) Leo and Una.

   I don’t take it for granted. Now, as a newly elected City Council Representative for District 4 in Florence, I understand even more just how important UNA is to the life of the city. The record enrollment as well as the high-quality programming and courses are some of the drivers behind the quality of life we enjoy not just in Florence but throughout the Shoals.

   Because the university has given so much to so many of us, we, as alumni, have an opportunity to return that favor through the giving of our time, talent, or treasure. It’s something you hear us talk about with some frequency, and the reason is that we all can contribute any one of those things to UNA.

   Younger alumni, especially those getting established in their careers, can give of their time or talents to a local UNA alumni club. There’s a need for your energy and passion for UNA. Share it! Others who have raised their families and see an opportunity to fulfill needs can do so by sharing their treasure. Imagine endowing a scholarship through your local alumni club that could help students now and well into the future enjoy an education at UNA.

   Regardless of how you give back to your UNA, please know that your contributions are valued and necessary. The alumni association depends on it, in fact. Your alumni association officers and board-at-large are here to serve as resources and provide guidance as the needs arise. We’d love to hear from you!

   Perhaps you’ve had occasion to return to campus lately for one of our alumni events, the spring Alumni Leadership Summit or even or Lions under the Lights dinner in the fall. Both are special events that serve important purposes for the alumni association. The Alumni Leadership Summit brings us together to share information, network, and reconnect with UNA. The dinner provides an incredibly beautiful setting for a meal catered by alumni chefs working alongside student chefs in our culinary department. What a showcase! If you’ve not been to it, I encourage you to attend in 2017. You won’t be disappointed.

   As we look ahead to 2017 and beyond, I challenge you to consider the time, talent, and treasure you can give to UNA. I have no doubt that you’ll find an outlet for your passion for the university that has been such an important and treasured part of your life. Remember to wear your purple and gold with pride.

Roar Lions!

Michelle Eubanks
Michelle Rupe Eubanks
Class of 1996