General Education Component

The UNA General Education Program consists of carefully selected courses in written composition; humanities and fine arts; natural sciences and mathematics; and history, social, and behavioral sciences.  All courses in the General Education Program are broad in scope, present major intellectual or aesthetic ideas, and are not specialized or vocational in purpose.  Below is a list of courses that biology and marine biology majors should consider in order to fulfill the General Education Component of their degree program.

Downloadable General Education Component checklist: 2014-2015

Bachelor of Science Degree

I. Written Composition
First-Year Composition (EN 111 and EN 112 or EN 121 and EN 122) 6
II. Humanities and Fine Arts

Literature (EN 211 and EN 212 or EN 221 and EN 222 or EN 231 and EN 232 or EN 233 and EN 234)
Fundamentals of Speech (COM 201)
3 hrs selected from:
Art Appreciation (AR 170)
Art History Survey I (AR 281)
Art History Survey II (AR 282)
Introduction to Foreign Language (FL 100)
Introductory French (FR 101)
Introductory French (FR 102)
Language Laboratory (FR 111)
Language Laboratory (FR 112)
Intermediate French (FR 201)
Intermediate French (FR 202)
Introductory German (GR 101)
Introductory German (GR 102)
Language Laboratory (GR 111)
Language Laboratory (GR 112)
Intermediate German (GR 201)
Intermediate German (GR 202)
Music Appreciation I (MU 222)
Survey of Music Literature (MU 244)
Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 201)
Ethics (PHL 205)
Old Testament Introduction (RE 221)
New Testament Introduction (RE 231)
Introductory Spanish (SP 101)
Introductory Spanish (SP 102)
Language Laboratory (SP 111)
Language Laboratory (SP 112)
Intermediate Spanish (SP 201)
Intermediate Spanish (SP 202)
Theatre Appreciation (TH 210)

III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics

3 hrs selected from:
Pre-calculus Algebra (MA 112)
Pre-calculus Trigonometry (MA 113)
Pre-calculus Algebra and Trigonometry (MA 115)
Calculus I (MA 125)
8 hrs selected from:
Principles of Biology (BI 111)
Principles of Biology (BI 112)

IV. History, Social and Behavioral Sciences

6 hrs from:
Survey of World Civilization to 1500 (HI 101) and Survey of World Civilization Since 1500 (HI 102)
or United States History to 1877 (HI 201) and United States History Since 1877 (HI 202)
6 hrs from:
Communication in a Global Age (COM 205)
Principles of Macroeconomics (EC 251)
Principles of Microeconomics (EC 252)
Human Growth and Development (ED 299)
Introduction to International Studies (FL 101)
Global Perspectives through Study Abroad (FL 201)
Introduction to Latin American Studies (FL 204)
World Regional Geography (GE 102)
Human Geography (GE 260)
United States Government and Politics (PS 241)
General Psychology (PY 201)
Introductory Sociology (SO 221)
Current Social Problems (SO 222)

Additional Requirements:
Writing Emphasis Course (BI 200W), Computer Instruction (e.g., CIS 125 or higher level computer science or computer information systems course)

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Areas I-IV and Additional Requirements are the same as for the Bachelor of Science degree
V. Foreign Language
Foreign language at the intermediate level (201-202) 6