Biology Degree - PreHealth Biology Option

The Prehealth Biology option is designed to prepare pre-health professions students for the variety of pre-requisite courses demanded by the various health professions schools, while fundamentally preserving the central curriculum requirements that make our majors well-rounded Biology degree programs.  This option has been created because of the recent CPOS requirements for students receiving federal financial aid and for our prehealth students who are student athletes and must maintain NCAA eligibility to play their sport. This option requires the same major core as all of our biology options and majors but allows for flexibility in our pre-health electives.

We are requiring an upper-level social science course, selected from a curated list of PY and SO courses which have particular relevance to either the psychological or sociological aspects of working as a healthcare provider; health professions schools are increasingly placing importance on social science knowledge, along with hard science knowledge, and certain ones already require more social science coursework than just the general/introductory level.

A pooled category of so-called “pre-health electives” which encompass a wide variety of potential courses that may be needed as prerequisites for the various health professions areas; this category will function as a kind of “coursework buffet” from which students can pick and choose different combinations, based on what they need specifically for the chosen pre-health path; the flexibility inherent to this will work better than trying to craft a “one size fits all” list of requirements.


Prehealth Biology Option Checksheet - Fall 2024