Dr. Eric D. Becraft

haggerty Assistant Professor


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Research & Teaching Fields:
I am interested in microbial speciation and genetic modes of adaptation. The identification of uncultured Bacterial and Archaeal phyla and their contributions to the evolutionary history of microbial life on Earth. The study of microbial diversity, ecology, and evolution in the context of microbial community structure and function. The co-evolution of microbial partnerships and symbiotic interactions. Microbiology in extreme terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments. Geochemical cycling and the role microorganisms play on a global scale.

InstitutionDegree / Professional ExperienceYear
University of Texas at Austin B.S., Biology (microbiology) 2005
Montana State University Ph.D., Ecology and Environmental Sciences 2012
Northern Illinois University Postdoctoral researcher 2015
Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral researcher 2018
Biology 101, Microbiology 307, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 407