Frequently Asked Questions

SCS is staffed by licensed counseling professionals who will help you with issues related to:

  • Mood disruptions, such as stress, anger, depression, and anxiety.
  • Life changes, such as loss, relationships conflicts, transition issues, and trauma.
  • Academic problems related to motivation, procrastination, learning, and study styles.
  • Decision-making skills for navigating relationships, adjustment to a new environment, and overall resiliency.
Call us! The Student Counseling Services office is open during regular business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). Call and schedule a same-day appointment for urgent needs. Our open consultation  clinic for emergent needs is in the morning from 8:30 a.m. until noon. We encourage students to use afternoons for scheduled appointments. The receptionist will coordinate an appointment for you and answer questions you may have about the process.
The first session is used for information-gathering and assessment of your current needs. Your Counselor will then suggest the most appropriate level of care to meet those needs. Services and recordkeeping are CONFIDENTIAL! Your Counselor will provide more information about confidentiality and will answer other questions that you may have.

The Zen Den is located within the SCS office in Rice Hall. Students may reserve the room for a 30- minute session by calling 256-765-5215, or by walk-in, if avaliable during office business hours. The Zen Den sessions are used to connect with self through the use of relaxation, mindfulness, and movement in a safe, private, and peaceful environment. 

Students do not have to be utilizing other counseling services, such as individual or group counseling, to access the Zen Den. 

SCS offers tele-mental health counseling appointments via a HIPPA compliant Zoom platform to assist in meeting our students where they are! Call our office to schedule your confidential appointment today!
SCS provides services to students actively enrolled at UNA at no additional fee.

Group counseling is a unique opportunity available to students in need of a supportive environment. It allows students to hear multiple perspectives and receive encouragement and feedback from peers in a safe and confidential environment. These interpersonal interactions deepen self-awareness and help members learn new ways of relating to others. While some of our groups focus primarily on deepening this understanding of self and others, we also have groups that focus on specific concerns and skill development.

There is no limit to the number of group therapy sessions available to students. Getting started with group counseling begins with an initial evaluation, or intake appointment. You and your counselor will discuss if group counseling is the appropriate form of treatment. Your counselor will also provide information about our groups so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Groups meet weekly for 60-90 minutes. There are typically 5-12 students in each group and 1-2 group leaders.


Keeping records of service is necessary to comply with standards of care and fulfill legal and ethical requirements. All counseling records are maintained in strict compliance with laws and guidelines related to confidentiality. No record of counseling is part of your academic or your university file.

The staff of SCS meets weekly to consult as a Treatment Team on individual case development to determine recommendations including the need for off-campus referrals.

Release of information requires your written authorization, except as required by law.  This means no information about your counseling will be communicated to anyone – including your parents or professors – without your signature on a release, except under the following circumstances:

  • If you are determined to be an immediate danger to yourself or to others;
  • If you disclose that someone is harming children, the elderly, disabled persons, or others whom cannot care for themselves;
  • If we receive a court order.

Your specific questions concerning confidentiality can be answered by your counselor at your first session!

Student Counseling Services promotes the mental health and well-being of all students. Lion Chat is an opportunity for students to meet one on one with a health and well-being professional to engage in a non-clinical conversation addressing overall wellness/well-being and stressors of college life.

Lion chats are not counseling sessions, but are an additional support service offered through Student Counseling Services. Call 256-765-5215 for additional information!

Each workshop will explore various topics relevant to student's overall well-being. Workshops will be scheduled across campus throughout the semester. Students do not have to be active in any other counseling services to participate in Wellness Workshops!

No, SCS services are covered within university tuition and fees. SCS will not bill additional fees for services to the student or the student's health insurance.