Zen Den 

The Zen Den is used to connect with oneself through the use of relaxation, mindfulness, and movement in a safe, private, and peaceful environment. It is located inside the lobby of the Student Counseling Services office on the 1st floor of Rice Hall.

In the Zen Den you will find...
  • journaling prompts
  • affirmation cards
  • relaxation/mindfulness techniques
  • coloring books & art/crafting supplies
  • puzzles, STEM activities, & fidgets
  • movement-based activities
  • guided meditations (CALM app)
  • cozy furniture
  • pillows & weighted blankets 
  • counselor-approved applications on iPad
  • aromatherapy 
  • snacks & water
  • & more!
Call 256-765-5215 or walk-in to the office (1st Floor, Rice Hall) to schedule a 30-minute session in the Zen Den.

NOTE: Students do not have to be utilizing other counseling services to use the Zen Den.