Zoom Webinar

UNA has a single webinar license supports up to 500 attendees.  If the license is available, we add to the account of person that needs to use it for the time frame they need it.

If the webinar license is available for your future date, and not currently in use, it is possible to transfer the license to you to allow for setup of registration for an event.   Once you have schedule the event, we may transfer the license to someone else depending on timing of webinar dates.  Please include ets@una.edu on all replies.

Requesting the Webinar License

Email ets@una.edu to request the webinar license. Please include the following information:

  • Account/Username that will be hosting the webinar
  • Date and Time of Webinar
  • Date and Time you wish to set up the webinar and registration link


Webinar training and Guides