Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

ETS has adopted Respondus Lockown Browser and Respondus Monitor (RLDB) for remote, automatically proctored testing. Respondus Monitor is an extended feature of the Respondus Lockdown Browser that uses a web camera and microphone to monitor students during an exam.  Please be aware that the Lockdown Browser without Monitor is meant to be used in a lab/classroom setting to prevent students from using other websites or programs on a computer during a test.   In a home/unmonitored environment, it will not prevent students from accessing other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.  For these instances, be sure to enable Monitor in addition to the Lockdown Browser.

The LockDown Browser/Monitor is a stand-alone browser. Students will download it, install it, then open the LockDown Browser/Monitor, not their regular browser, to login to Canvas and take a test. Below you will find a guide to help you get started, information on copying Respondus Lockdown Browser/Respondus Monitor support materials for students into your course, and tips for successful use.   

Faculty Resources

Key features of Respondus Monitor

  1. Integrated with Canvas.
  2. Faculty can create a test in Canvas, then Enable Monitor in a manner similar to enabling the Lockdown Browser. 
  3. Student Videos/reports are visible from within Canvas in the Lockdown Browser Dashboard
  4. Student test-taking is the same as using the Lockdown Browser, with the addition of a webcam/microphone.
  5. Algorithmic detection—does not require a live proctor.  Respondus Monitor will flag changes based on the facial recognition of the test taker.  Respondus has a detailed explanation regarding this.  
  6. Student Videos/Reports are usually returned within eight hours.
  7. Runs from within the Lockdown Browser which prevents copying, pasting, and other software from being used.
  8. Since there is not a specific limit to the number of tests a student can take, Respondus Monitor could also be used to periodically test for ID verification purposes.
  9. Can only be used for tests delivered through Canvas.

Tips for successful use of Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor

  1. If you copy your course from semester to semester or make frequent edits to quizzes, be sure to visit the Lockdown Browser link in your course to test for Fix it errors prior to testing.
  2. Include course policies for technical issues such as disconnection and testing irregularities. Visit the Syllabus Statements page for suggested policies.
  3. Emphasize to students the need for reliable high-speed Internet connection, preferably wired.   Mobile hotspot/phone data speeds are problematic and should not be used.
  4. Respondus Monitor can be used from an iPad (see Instructor Quick Start Guide). Determine if you wish to allow students to use an iPad and make them aware of your decision
  5. Require the practice test well before the first exam and again before each exam
  6. Use Canvas Quiz Logs as a secondary method when reviewing student exam activity

Student-Facing Materials

Faculty can copy the Respondus module from the Commons for students.  You need to be logged into Canvas to import from that link.  The module contains a link to download the browser and explains how to download the browser, how students will take tests (including accessing the tests).  

Student Module Contents

The LockDown Browser/Monitor is a stand-alone browser. Once it is downloaded and installed, you will then open the LockDown Browser, not your regular browser, to login to Canvas and take a test. Instructions for taking a test using LockDown Browser/Monitor are in the Quick Start Guide. 

 The module also includes practice quizzes for both the Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor.  You will need to remove one of them depending on your course.

  • Practice Quiz Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • Practice Quiz Requiring Respondus Monitor

Common Questions and Troubleshooting

How do students access the browser?

The Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor Module from Student-facing materials above, contains a download link.  You can also copy that link into the quiz instructions, direct students to the Online Testing Support Page, or if students attempt to take the quiz without using the browser, they will be prompted to download it.

Exam and "Fix it" Errors

When making changes to a quiz, copying exams from another course, from Canvas Commons, or copying across semesters, the Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor may not "connect" properly with Canvas causing a "Fix it" error. 

  1. If you go to the LockDown Browser section in the course (on the left-side navigation) If you do not see a Lockdown Browser link in the Navigation, you may need to go to the course Settings>>Navigation to enable it.
  2. Check for  “Error” and "Fix it"  messages
  3. Click the Fix it button for whichever tests have it.
  4.  If you do not see a “Fix it” option
    1. Refresh the page
    2. Disable the LockDown Browser for each quiz, save
    3. Enable the LockDown browser again.
    4. Refresh the page to verify that you don't have a "Fix it" message
    5. If this does not correct the problem, please submit a support request in Canvas (Help>>Report a Problem).

Allow a student to use an iPad to take an exam

Students can use an iPad to take a Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor exam, but you need to enable it in Canvas, and the student will need to follow specific steps on the iPad to be able to take the exam.

Accessibility Information