Turnitin Feedback Studio (Plagiarism Detection) is available inside Canvas or from the Turnitin website.  If you would like to use Turnitin outside of Canvas, please contact  

Instructure (Canvas) and Turnitin have let us know that there will be a new process available for submitting assignments to Turnitin through Canvas.  Students will be able to submit to a standard Canvas Assignment and Faculty would be able to see the results in the Canvas Assignment.   Turnitin hopes to have this available to UNA by mid-January.  It is scheduled to be available for all Turnitin clients in February  We will begin using it as soon as it is available.  Use of the new method will require creating new assignments.  We do not know if the current method for Turnitin assignments will continue to be available after this change.  Instructions for the new method will be distributed as soon as they are available.

Turnitin has changed their Canvas integration which means the process by which faculty set up and students submit Turnitin assignments has changed. As of December 2016, all existing Turnitin assignments will need to be recreated using the new method.  


  • The Canvas test student account cannot be used to submit files
  • No late submissions. Turnitin uses the Due Date from the Canvas Assignment settings as a final due date.  It ignores the available until date.
  • Limit of one submission per assignment (file may be submitted multiple times if enabled, but student only sees most recent results)
  •  File size limit of 40MB per file submission