Building Coordinator Program

Recommendation: The Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee (SEPC) recommends that the university implement a Building Coordinator Assignment process to organize communication across campus.

Building Coordinator Assignment: A person will be assigned to each building for an annual appointment to serve as the lead in general communication of building activities. This person should have been in their role a sufficient length of time to be knowledgeable of the building’s layout, features, and occupants.

Rationale: One point of contact for each building will streamline communication between occupants and things that concern the building operation and management


  • Maintain a list of employees assigned to the building by role and room number (updated each semester).
  • Maintain the regular building schedule (updated each semester at a minimum), serve as the point of contact for events after normal business hours and notify UNA Facilities and UNA Police with any published schedule update.
  • Coordinate with individuals throughout the building each semester to ensure clear understanding of emergency response actions. This may include:
    • Identification of specific leaders (Floor Leaders) for each floor or office suite who would be able to identify occupancy and evacuation confirmation.
    • Ensure each leader knows the appropriate response to a given emergency and has access to the University Emergency Management Plan.
    • Check that all posted emergency communication is up to date (once a year).
    • Communication of updates or changes to building emergency plans.
  • Serve to notify all building occupants of any planned building maintenance that would impact building operation.

Appointment of Building Coordinator: Initially, the SEPC will request volunteers or assignments for Building Coordinators from each Division until every building is assigned. In the absence of a volunteer, the responsibility to assign a Building Coordinator will fall to a Director, Dean, or senior administrative person in a building. By September 1st each year, the prior year’s building coordinator will communicate to the SEP Committee, Facilities and Police the name and contact information of the new coordinator for that year. The existing coordinator may ask for help from their department management or Dean’s office if they need assistance with the reassignment.

What the Building Coordinator is NOT.

The Building Coordinator is NOT…

  • Responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all building occupants
  • Responsible for ensuring all parties have exited a building in case of emergency.
  • Responsible for notifying everyone in the building of an existing emergency. Alarms and Emergency Messaging should drive reactions. Training will ultimately be key to appropriate reactions by all individuals.
  • The first point of contact in an emergency instead of calling 911.
  • The first point of contact for maintenance items. Individuals who see needed maintenance items should open a ticket within the Facilities module to correct the issue
  • Someone who takes the place of direct communication for those day to day issues within a building. This individual should not become the complaint desk.

Building Coordinator Checklist The following checklist is a tool for the B.C. to use as they review the facility each year. It is not intended to be all inclusive, but to serve as a minimum guide

INSTRUCTIONS: Review and Update Annually

building coordinator

Note: Contact University Police, Hollon McCullar, , for any missing safety information or signage. Contact Facilities, Angela Zwissler,, for any building occupant updates.

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