Graduate Council

Committee Charge

Making recommendations concerning graduate program policies, procedures, curricula, and student matters


The committee reports to the President through the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.


Committee Member Representation Term Expiration
Dr. Lynn Aquadro Nursing 2018
Dr. Jana Beaver Business 2020
Dr. Joy Borah non-voting, by position as VPAA&P designee
Dr. Greg Carnes non-voting by position
Dr. Wendy Darby Nursing 2018
Dr. Leah Graham non-voting by position
Ms. Jennifer Hogan Student, Business 2018
Ms. Sarah Howard Student, Education 2018
Dr. Chanho Kang Education 2019
Dr. Donna Lefort non-voting by position
Dr. Amber Paulk Arts and Sciences 2020
Dr. Vicki Pierce non-voting by position
Dr. Craig Robertson Arts and Sciences 2020
Ms. Amanda Sherrod Student, Arts and Sciences 2018
Dr. Jeremy Stafford Business 2018
Dr. Leah Whitten Education 2020
Mr. Joshua Wood Student, Nursing 2018