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Studying and practicing Spanish

BBC Languages - Spanish
This great site will help you study Spanish by letting you assess your proficiency. Then it will tell you which of their materials are appropriate for you. These materials include multimedia conversation exercises and a basic skills introduction/review. Moreover, there is a collection of linguistic blunders, to which you can add your own experiences.

General Websites in Spanish
(great for news and entertainment)

Websites Related to Spain
(Official Spain tourism website)
(newspaper - Madrid)
(newspaper - Madrid)
(Information about Salamanca)
(culture, traditions, shopping)
(Virtual Cervantes)
(Stock Market)

Websites Related to Latin America
(Latin American language schools)
(search engine)
(search engine)
(Diego Rivera vitual museo) museums.htm
(Mexican museums)
(news articles on various countries)
(jobs in South America)
(cultures of the Andes)


Other Useful Websites
(Federal Jobs Digest)
(Modern Language Association)
(Real Academia Española) This website has an online dictionary.
(Biblioteca Nacional de España)