Department of Foreign Languages



Dr. Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela (2013)

Associate Professor of Spanish

Ph.D., 2012, Indiana State University
M.A., 2005, Indiana State University
B.A., 2002, University of Costa Rica

Office: 305-C Wesleyan Hall
Telephone: 256-765-4405

Curriculum vitae


Dr. Stephanie L. Coker (2016)

Assistant Professor of French

Ph.D., 2007, Louisiana State University
M.A., 2004, Louisiana State University
B.A., 2000, Mississippi College

Office: 120 Wesleyan Hall
Telephone: 256-765-4602

Curriculum vitae

Scott Infanger

Dr. Scott R. Infanger (2007)

Professor of Spanish

Ph.D., 2009, Vanderbilt University
M.A., 2003, Vanderbilt University
M.A., 2002, Vanderbilt University
B.A., 2001, University of Idaho
B.A., 2001, University of Idaho

Office: 111 Wesleyan Hall
Telephone: 256-765-4982

Curriculum vitae

Andrea Nate

Dr. Andrea F. Nate (2018)

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Ph.D., 2017, Brown University
A.M., 2012, Brown University
M.A., 2007, Middlebury College
B.A., 2006, The College of New Jersey

Office: 206 Wesleyan Hall
Telephone: 256-765-5216

Curriculum vitae


Dr. Claudia P. Vance (1996)

Chair and Professor of Spanish

Ph.D., 1999, The University of Alabama
M.A., 1992, The University of Alabama
B.A., 1990, University of North Alabama

Office: 129A Wesleyan Hall
Telephone: 256-765-4501

Curriculum vitae

Adjunct Faculty

Linda Cole

Linda Cole (2015)

Adjunct Instructor of American Sign Language

M.S., 2012, A&M University
B.S., 1999, Athens State University
A.A.S, 2009, Spartanburg College
American Sign Language Proficiency Interview  (ASLP) Rating  - Advanced, 2008,


Rebecca Linam

Dr. Rebecca Linam (2012)

Adjunct Instructor of German

DML, 2021, Middlebury College
M.A., 2007, The University of Alabama 
B.A., 2018, The University of Alabama in Huntsville 
B.A., 2002, University of North Alabama


Michael Reutter

Michael Reutter (2017)

Adjunct Instructor of American Sign Language

M.S., 2005, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
B.B.A., 1997, Athens State University
A.A.S., 2000, Faulkner State Community College
Adv. Certificate, 2003, Ayers State Technical College
A.A.S., 1994, Northwest-Shoals Community College



Joy Kelly

Joy Kelly (2007)

Senior Administrative Assistant

B.A., 2013, University of North Alabama
M.B.A., 2013, University of North Alabama
B.A., 1997, University of Maryland, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Office: 129 Wesleyan Hall
Telephone: 256-765-4390