Undergraduate Programs

The history program educates students about the past and its wonders as a means to better understand our place in the contemporary world. In the process, students learn to weigh evidence, identify significance, and construct arguments—skills that are applicable in all walks of life.  

Our graduates have built careers in history-related fields such as primary, secondary, and higher education, as well as museums, archives, and the libraries. But because the skills imparted by a history education have near universal application, our graduates are employed in an array of occupations not directly related to history—as journalists, editors, business administrators, financial and military analysts, writers, pastors, and many others.

Degree Programs:
B.A. or B.S. in History
B.A or B.S in Social Science

Public History
Religious Studies

Public History
Religious Studies

Students who wish to prepare for a career in teaching may also choose: 
B.S.Ed. in Secondary Education with a Major in History
B.S.Ed. in Secondary Education with a Major in General Social Science