Honors Courses

An honors course contract is an agreement between a faculty member and an Honors Student that allows the student to obtain Honors credit for a standard course. The agreement typically allows the student to delve deeper into the course material and produce a project, research, or paper. The student and faculty member determine the outcome. 

Here is how to contract a course in 4 easy steps! Remember Proposal forms are due within the first two weeks of classes and completion forms are due on study day(update Fall 2020, we are requesting that completion forms be turned in before Thanksgiving Break this Fall, due to courses going online after Thanksgiving).

  1. Pick a current or upcoming course you are comfortable with.
  2. Talk to the Professor about a reasonable project(faculty information).
  3. Fill out the Contract Proposal Form with a description of the project and signatures (yours, the professor's) and bring the form to the Honors Office for final approval
  4. Complete the project, Fill out the Contract Completion Form, have the professor sign, and bring the form by the Honors Offices for final approval

 Click here for a more in-depth discussion of Contracting Courses and for Faculty Information.