Contracting Courses for Honors Credit


Honors Students

[UNA Honors College Course Contract - PDF]

The purpose of the Honors Contract is to allow students in a regular university course, including university sponsored internships and study abroad, to receive Honors credit for the course. Honors Contract courses are not intended to substitute for existing courses in the Honors Curriculum but instead to allow a special opportunity for interaction with a faculty mentor. Courses should be contracted for Honors credit only when successful completion of the 36 hour or 27 hour requirement makes it essential.

Students must complete the Honors Course Contract form before the end of the first week of classes. The Form must be signed by the student, faculty member, and Honors Director. When all requirements for the course and contract have been completed, the faculty signature grants the student Honors credit for the course, and "Honors" will appear in the title of the course on the student's transcript.

Failure to complete the terms of the contract means that Honors credit will not be awarded for that course and future Honors contracts may not be approved by the Program Director.

Honors Faculty

[Contract Information - PDF]

Faculty participation in the Honors Contract program is greatly appreciated. We understand that faculty already have a substantial workload. However, we ask that faculty be willing to discuss contracting possibilities with Honors students who have a legitimate reason for seeking a contract.

It is the expectation of the Honors College that if faculty agree to an Honors contract that they will encourage the student to complete the terms of the agreement and make themselves available to the student to make completion possible.

Honors Contract Expectations

All Contracts must meet at least one of the Assessment Goals of the Honors College or the University's QEP. These are as follows:

To develop citizenship and service capacities of Honors students
To develop leadership capacities of Honors students
To develop global perspectives of Honors Students
To develop high order communication skills of Honors students
To develop digital literacies in all Honors students
To offer Experiential Learning opportunities for all Honors students
To develop research literacy capacities in all Honors College students

Possible Assignments for Honors Contract

  • additional course readings that enhance the disciplinary content of the course and/or broaden the interdisciplinary scope of the course
  • additional research projects pertinent to the course
  • development of web, digital, or social media course content related projects
  • teaching a class or classes under the supervision of the faculty member
  • additional meetings with the faculty member
  • curriculum development
  • grant writing and development

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