Family Nurse Practitioner Track

  • Students in the Family Nurse Practitioner option will receive educational preparation that will enable them to provide patient-family centered, evidence-based health care for individuals across the lifespan.
  • Prepares graduates to sit for the national FNP certification examination
  • Students may participate in the selection of their clinical locations
  • Students will be required to attend two on campus intensive experiences while enrolled in their first and last FNP courses (NU 640 & NU 645).

Clinical Component

For all FNP clinical courses, there will be a minimum of 120 clinical hours per course. Clinical focus varies per clinical course.

  • NU 641, NU 642, and NU 643: the clinical focus will be primary care in the adult and geriatric population. 
  • NU 644, the clinical focus will be the care of female patients across the wellness-illness continuum.
  • NU 645, the clinical focus will be the pediatric population (infants, children, and adolescents).

Students may participate in the identification of individuals to serve as clinical preceptors, as they are familiar with their geographical area. All students entering the Family Nurse Practitioner track must hold a current, unencumbered registered nurse license in the US state in which they plan to complete their clinical hours. Additionally, students must fulfill all other clinical documentation requirements, including:

  • physical examination (completed within the previous calendar year)
  • proof of required immunizations or titers
  • current tuberculosis screening
  • proof of BLS for Healthcare Providers
  • proof of health insurance
  • criminal background check
  • Negative urine drug screen
  • OSHA/HIPPA training
  • proof of liability insurance with student nurse practitioner student coverage
  • proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR vaccine declination form
  • COVID-19 Liability waiver 
2021-2022 MSN-PMC Practicum Student Guidebook
2020-2021 MSN-PMC Handbook

The practicum experience must be independent of the student’s employment setting.  A clinical affiliation agreement with the facility MUST be on file prior to the student beginning clinicals.  All clinical documentation must have been submitted and approved at least 8 weeks prior to beginning the clinical rotations. Students not meeting all clinical requirements will be withdrawn from the registered clinical course (NU 641, NU 642, NU 643, NU 644, and NU 645). 

Admission Requirements

*FNP Application Deadlines*
Fall 2022: April 4, 2022
Spring 2022: October 4, 2021

  1. A completed application to the ACONHP graduate program. (available online at
  2. A cumulative Undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0.
  3. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from a regionally accredited nursing program in the United States.
  4. A written statement of professional goals and the role of graduate education in achieving those goals.
  5. A current unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse in the US State in which you plant to complete clinical rotations.
  6. Clinical practice is preferred, but not required.
  7. All Family Nurse Practitioner track applicants must complete a criminal background and negative drug screen prior to enrollment.
  8. All Family Nurse Practitioner track applicants must have a minimum of two completed recommendation forms from professional sources, not family members or friends.

*Admission to the MSN-FNP track is competitive.  Meeting the minimum admission requirements does NOT guarantee acceptance to the nursing program. 

**Once admitted, ALL FNP students are required to attend two on- campus intensive experiences, lasting up to 3 days per visit. Cost associated with the OCI's are the responsibility of the student.**

**Family Nurse Practitioner I-V have clinical hours associated with them.  Each clinical course has a minimum of 120 clinical hours, for a total of a minimum of 600 clinical hours. FNP track specific courses also have an additional fee of $320 per course, including: NU 640, NU 641, NU 642, NU 643, NU 644, & NU 645. The overall estimated cost of the MSN- FNP track (including tuition, fees, and books) is $20,925.00. 

Program of Study