Frequently Asked Questions

For admission to all online nursing programs, both undergraduate and graduate, we accept students in the spring, summer, and fall semesters. We recommend that students complete their application for admission at least 2-3 months prior to their desired enrollment date in order to have time to submit all health documentation, however we will accept students up to the first day of classes each semester.

RN to MSN students are allowed to take 9 credit hours of MSN coursework, while earning their BSN degree. Once they have graduated with a BSN degree, they can then apply for admission to the MSN program and if accepted, will already have one semester of graduate coursework complete, cutting the time to complete the MSN degree from five to four semesters of full-time study.

Only the BSN degree is awarded after completing the RN to MSN program, with 9 of those credit hours being eligible to apply towards an MSN degree as well.

Currently tuition is $277.00 per credit hour for undergraduate courses. There is an additional $225.00 nursing online fee for 3 hour courses, $300.00 for 4 hour courses, and $365.00 fee for 6 hour courses. This is the only fee that online nursing students will be charged.

Currently tuition is $326.00 per credit hour for graduate courses. Fees are the same as undergraduate for 3, 4, and 6 hour nursing courses.

More Information

Online students are not charged out of state tuition regardless of where they reside. 

Undergraduate nursing students will need to submit an application for admission to the university as well as their official transcripts from all colleges/universities they have previously attended. Applicants can be found online at

Once accepted to the university, the department will review the student's application and email an official welcome packet with further enrollment instructions, if the student is accepted.

For MSN, graduate students, the admissions application can be found online at Graduate students will also receive an emailed welcome packet after admission is complete, with enrollment and course advisement information. 

The core nursing curriculum for the RN to BSN and RN to MSN program is 30 credit hours. If attending full-time students can complete this in as little as 3 semesters, however most students will also need to complete general education courses once they have transferred to UNA. 

The MSN program consists of 32 credit hours total, with two of those courses requiring a 90 hour clinical component. The program can be completed in 5 semesters if the student attends full-time. 

Yes, we allow students to attend part and full-time for all of the online nursing programs: RN to BSN, RN to MSN, and MSN. 

This is different for each student. General education courses needed for the RN to BSN and RN to MSN programs can be found online at

General education classes can be taken at the same time as nursing courses once students are enrolled at UNA. General education courses do NOT have to be completed before taking nursing courses. 

No, online nursing courses do not require students to attend campus at any time. Both the RN to BSN/MSN and MSN programs are offered completely online.

For more information, contact:
Admissions: 256-765-4608 or (undergraduate admissions)
Graduate Admissions: 256-765-4447 or
Student Financial Services: 256-765-4278 or