Commendations or Complaints Concerning Employees

The University Police Department welcomes and encourages students, staff, faculty, and visitors to provide feedback to us concerning University Police Department employees.  Whether it be a compliment of a job well done, or a complaint, we would like to hear from you. If you would like to provide feedback concerning an employee of the University of North Alabama Police Department, please use one of the following procedures:

Mail a letter to:

Chief of Police
University of North Alabama Police Department
#1 Harrison Plaza - Keller Hall Basement
UNA Box 5067
Florence, Alabama 35632

Or, you may send an email to the Chief of Police

Receiving a compliment means a great deal to each of our employees. Once it is received, the employee and his/her chain of command are notified of the compliment and a copy is placed in the employee's personnel file. 

Likewise, receiving a complaint makes us aware of actual or potential issues, and helps us provide the best service we can to those we serve and protect.  

"Working Together for a Safer Community"