Procurement Bid Process

Bid Laws

Code of Alabama Title 39: Public Works

Why Are There Bid Laws

The purpose of the bid law is to ensure fair & equitable opportunity for suppliers to participate in State Awarded business.

Bid Law Requirements

Any purchase of goods or services exceeding $75,000.00 within one fiscal year must be formally bid using a sealed bid process.


  • Any item that independently costs $75,000.00 or more.
  • Service or Maintenance contract that will exceed $75,000.00 over the life of the agreement.
  • Common items bought across campus that fall subject to the bid law: computers, printers, office supplies, furniture, printing, t-shirts, etc.

Bid Process

  • Submit desired requirements to Procurement office (preferably electronically)
  • Procurement will create bid & send invitations for sealed bid responses.


  • Bids are opened & tabulated in public
  • The tabulation results will be forwarded back to the Requisitioner with an Award Recommendation.
  • Upon agreement the Bid Award is posted
  • At this time the Requisitioner is free to submit a requisition for purchase.

Time Required: 2 Week Minimum