Local Businesses That Accept UNA Purchase Orders

The University of North Alabama is an established customer with most local businesses. The following list only represents a few that are most frequently used. In each case it is necessary to follow the requisition to purchase order process. A description of the item(s) needed must be documented in the first line of the item list. Prices may be estimated. Once the purchase order is created and used at the local supplier the receipt must be returned with the blue copy of the order to Accounts Payable who will pay the supplier based on the invoice and close the purchase order. If provisions have been made for multiple trips on one purchase order each receipt should be routed into accounts payable for partial payment and to ensure timely maintenance occurs on our account with each supplier.

If you have any questions please contact the procurement office.

  • Chartwells
  • Hobby Lobby (H.L. Card with P.O.)
  • Sam’s Club (Sam’s ID Card and p-card)
  • Southern Family Market (P.O. or p-card)
  • Home Depot (P.O. or p-card)
  • Lowes (P.O. or p-card)
  • Target (p-card only)
  • Goodman Sporting Goods (P.O. only)
  • Most Hotels (P.O.))
  • Most Hardware Stores (P.O. or p-card)
  • Walmart (p-card only; need tax exempt card to use at check out)
  • Publix (p-card only)
  • Restaurants who take purchase orders: Chic-fil-a, Dish Cafe, Domino's, Jimmy Johns, Odettes, Panara Bread, Pizza Hut (Florence)
  • Yummies Bakery (P.O.)

Submit Itemized List of Required items with Requisition
(NOTE: This list is NOT all inclusive, but represents those most commonly used)