Purchase Order Process

Every expenditure must be for the direct benefit of the University of North Alabama. Documentation as to this benefit should be made available as evidence of compliance. Include all quotes or other pertinent documentation with your requisition to avoid order entry errors. Certainly any immediate payment request requires the invoice or form detailing the charge, payment location and timing. A W-9 form is required to establish a new supplier code in Banner and to ensure all appropriate tax details are entered accurately. An Alabama Disclosure Form is required for any expenditure exceeding $5000.00.  As always, if you have any questions please contact us for guidance.

  1. Create Requisition On-Line (UNA Portal)
  2. Forward Signed Requisition Copy to Procurement Office (Include QUOTE & all details from vendor)
  3. Purchase Order is sent via email to:
    • Vendor (email address indicated on requisition)
    • Requisitioner - (email address of person who created requisition)
    • Procurement Office
  4. Upon receipt of goods/services print emailed purchase order. Sign it & forward to Accounts Payable to authorize payment to vendor.

Time Required –1 Week