Academic and Student Affairs Committee


Dr. Ross Alexander (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Sara Lynn Baird (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Stephanie Barger (Nursing faculty, 2021)
Dr. Joy Borah (non-voting, by position)
Ms. Olivia Bradford (Staff at large, 2021)
Dr. Vince Brewton (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Matthew Campbell (Education faculty, 2022)
Dr. Greg Carnes (Council of Academic Deans, 2020)
Dr. Lisa Clayton (Faculty at large, 2022)
Ms. Jami Flippo (Staff at large, 2021)
Dr. Kimberly Greenway (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Kevin Jacques (Staff at large, 2022)
Dr. Katie Kinney (non-voting, by position)
Ms. Rebekah Matthews (SGA, 2020)
Mr. John McGee (non-voting, by position)
Mr. Ron Patterson (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Vicki Pierce (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Lynne Rieff (Faculty at large, 2020)
Dr. Patricia Roden (Business faculty, 2020)
Dr. Daniel Stevens (Arts & Sciences faculty, 2021)
Ms. Holly Underwood (Student Affairs staff, 2021)
Mr. Linden White (SGA, 2020)


Minutes of Meetings

Annual Reports