Academic and Student Affairs Committee


Dr. Ross Alexander (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Joy Borah (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Carmen Burkhalter (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Greg Carnes (Council of Acad. Deans, 2020)
Dr. Lisa Clayton (Faculty at large, 2019)
Mr. Sean Gillman (SGA, 2018)
Dr. Kevin Jacques (Staff at large, 2019)
Dr. Donna Lefort (non-voting, by position)
Ms. Stephanie Mohr (Nursing faculty, 2018)
Mr. Ron Patterson (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Vicki Pierce (non-voting, by position)
Dr. Lynne Rieff (Faculty at large, 2020)
Dr. Patricia Roden (Business faculty, 2020)
Ms. Kenda Rusevlyan (Staff at large, 2018)
Mr. David Shields (non-voting, by position)
Mr. Jason Sparks (SGA, 2018)
Dr. Daniel Stevens (Arts & Sciences faculty, 2018)
Ms. Jennifer Sutton (Student Affairs staff, 2018)
Ms. Heather Unger-Robertson (Stf at large, 2018)
Dr. Leah Whitten (Education faculty, 2019)
Dr. Chunsheng Zhang (non-voting, by position)


Minutes of Meetings

Annual Reports