Institutional Effectiveness Committee


  • 1. To communicate its deliberations and findings, through the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, to the President for approval and dissemination to the university community;
  • 2. To review in a systematic cycle and make recommendations for indicated changes to critical university documents (i.e., mission, institutional goals, value statement, strategic plan, etc.)
  • 3. To recommend, publish, and implement adequate procedures for assessing and documenting the effective support of the institution’s goals by all campus units;
  • 4. To provide leadership for ensuring that the looping process of assessment and evaluation, appropriate feedback, and budgeting is completed and that the results of evaluations are reflected in modifications to programs and services and in the allocation of physical, financial, and personnel resources; and
  • 5. To assess whether the expected outcomes have been achieved and to ensure continuous improvement in university administration, academic programs, and educational support services.


Minutes of Meetings

Annual Reports