Strategic Planning and Budget Study Committee


  • 1. To participate in all aspects of strategic planning, including:
    • Recommending procedures for planning;
    • Relating the planning process to the annual and long-range financial allocation processes; and
    • Reviewing progress and recommending updates to the University’s Strategic Plan annually.
  • 2. To conduct systematic reviews of expenditure needs and revenue needs including:
    • Reviewing and prioritizing recommendations from all areas of the University concerning financial resource needs, based on the University’s Strategic Plan, goals, objectives, and Institutional Effectiveness Plan;
    • Reviewing results reported by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee to support the looping process of assessment, evaluation, change based on evaluation, and budgeting and to monitor how allocations of financial resources affect prioritized requests;
    • Reviewing prioritized recommendations from the Infrastructure Development Committee to monitor conformity with the University’s Strategic Plan; and
    • To conduct systematic reviews of actual and planned expenditures.
  • 3. To communicate its deliberations and findings to the President, and after discussion with the President, to the University community.



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