Facilities and Infrastructure Development Committee


  • Dr. Mary Bowers (by position)
  • Ms. Hallie Brown (SGA, 2017)
  • Dr. Melvin Davis (Council of Deans, 2017)
  • Mr. Michael Gautney (by position)
  • Dr. Leah Graham (Faculty, 2017)
  • Dr. Andrea Hunt (Faculty, 2019)
  • Dr. Judith Jackson (non-voting, by position)
  • Mr. Mark Linder (non-voting, by position)
  • Dr. Lamont Maddox (Faculty, 2018)
  • Ms. Audrey Mitchell (Staff, 2017)
  • Mr. Randall Phifer (VPAA designee, non-voting)
  • Mr. Stephen Putman (by position)
  • Mr. David Shields (non-voting, by position)
  • Mr. Mike Thompson (by position)
  • Mr. Evan Thornton (non-voting, by position)
  • Mr. Jimmy Waddell (Staff, 2018)


Minutes of Meetings

Annual Reports