Message From the President

The UNA mission statement outlines the type of culture we seek to foster here at the University of North Alabama. As UNA staff members, you have a significant role in that endeavor. Your position contributes to creating an encouraging learning environment for our students and a sense of community among all UNA employees.

Understanding the University’s policies and procedures strengthens your ability to support UNA’s central mission. The Staff Handbook gives you much of the information you need to do just that. I encourage you to read the Handbook thoroughly and ask any questions you have. The Handbook covers such items as university policies, workplace rules and regulations, employee rights and privileges, and the benefits that UNA provides. The more you understand the University the more successful you can be in fulfilling your responsibilities.

The duties and responsibilities of UNA staff members vary widely, but each position is important in helping the University be as effective as possible. Take pride in your work and how it serves to move UNA forward.

Thank you for your dedicated service to the University. If you have concerns or ideas that would make UNA even better I encourage you to let your supervisor know. I wish you a great year.  ROAR LIONS!


John G. Thornell

John G. Thornell

Interim President