Staff Senate Bylaws


The name of this organization shall be the University of North Alabama Staff Senate, hereafter called "the Staff Senate."  The Staff Senate was created by and shall be advisory in nature to the President of the University, and, within the limits of these bylaws, representative of the employees within the University.  As used in these bylaws, the term "staff" shall be defined as all regular, full or part-time, exempt and non-exempt employees of the University other than faculty and with at least six months of service with the University -- with the exception of the president, provost, vice presidents, assistant/associate vice presidents, deans, and associate deans. 

Section 2. Membership:  The Staff Senate shall consist of a maximum of 24 members to be elected by staff members from the divisions designated in Article VIII.  In addition, the past president will serve as Ex Officio for one year.  

Section 3.  Terms:  A serving term shall consist of three years unless voluntarily relinquished by the appointed member before the term ends.  A staff Senator may also be re-elected by their constituency. Senators shall serve a three-year term beginning in July after election of new officers. A maximum of two consecutive terms (6 years) may be served. A one-term (3 years) interval is necessary before being eligible to serve again.

Section 4.  Representation:  Representation shall be such that the ratio of exempt and non-exempt members shall equal within 10-15% of the exempt and non-exempt University ratio of staff at the time of appointment, and such that the divisions outlined in Article VIII, Section 1, as taken from the University Organizational Chart have a 5% representation. There shall be no more than four cost center heads serving at one time. The Staff Senate shall review its composition every three years or as needed to insure proper representation, taking into account the size of the constituency. The representation was last reviewed in term 2018. Changes in the composition of the Staff Senate shall become effective when adopted by a majority of voting members, voting with a quorum present, and upon presidential approval. 


Section 1.  Titles, election, terms of officers.  The officers of the Staff Senate shall include a president, a vice-president, and a secretary.  New officers shall be elected in the spring of their elected term as a Staff Senate member.  Voting will be by secret ballot and will be tallied by the vice-president of the Staff Senate.  The term of office shall begin July 1.  All Staff Senate officers shall be elected to a term of one year or less, with the exception of the vice-president who will serve as president for one term immediately following the vice-president term.  The secretary may serve two consecutive one-year terms. 

A. At the April meeting, nominations will be accepted from the members for each office. Only members who have served at least one year on Senate will be eligible for nomination to Vice-President. If the term of the Vice President expires, he/she may remain on the Senate for a fourth year to serve as President. All other positions will be filled by current senators. Nominations are not valid until the Senate member has received approval from his/her supervisor.


Section. 1.  Amendment of bylaws.  Proposals for amendments to the bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the secretary of the Staff Senate and distributed in writing to Staff Senate representatives 48 hours before an official meeting or a vote through e-business to amend the bylaws.  Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular meeting or by two-thirds of the membership if the vote is carried out through e-business.  The amendment shall become effective as per Article VI. 


Section 1.  Constituency.  All elections shall be held in accordance with Article III and other applicable sections of these bylaws.  Each constituency will nominate and elect representatives to the Staff Senate.  As of June 2018, Representation on the Staff Senate shall be apportioned as outlined below: 

President’s Area (2):

     a. President’s Office

     a. Athletics (coaches are not eligible for this position, due to being contract employees)

B. Academic Affairs (10):

     a. Provost’s Office

     b. Sponsored Programs

          i. Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment

          ii. International Affairs

          iii. Library and Educational Technology Services

               1. Dean’s Office

               2. Educational Technology Services

       c. Academic Colleges

          i. College of Education and Human Sciences

               1. Dean’s Office

                    a. Kilby School

                    b. All Academic Departments

                    c. Clinical Experiences

                    d. Education Research and Inservice Center

                         i. AMSTI

          ii. College of Business

               1. Dean’s Office

                    a. All Academic Departments

                    b. Small Business Development Center

                    c. Continuing Education

          iii. College of Arts and Sciences

               1. Dean’s Office

                    a. All Academic Departments

                    b. Planetarium

                    c. Center for Critical Languages

          iv. Anderson College Of Nursing And Health Professions

               1. Dean’s Office

                    a. All Academic Departments

                    b. Clinical Simulation and Nursing Technology

   d.   Enrollment Management

      1.  Chief Enrollment Officer’s Office

          a. University Success Center

           b. Student Financial Services

           c. Registrar

           d. Admissions

           e. Presidential Mentors Academy

           f. Institutional Diversity and Equity

C. Business and Financial Affairs (7 with a recommended minimum of 4 from Facilities Administration and Planning):

     a. Vice President’s Office

          i. Controller

          ii. Business Services

          iii. Human Resources

          iv. Facilities Administration and Planning

               1. Maintenance and Grounds

               2. Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management

           v. Information Technology Services

D. Student Affairs (4):

     a. Vice President’s Office

          i. Career Planning and Development

          ii. Student Counseling Services

          iii. Disability Support Services

         iv. University Health Services

          v. University Police

          vi. Housing & Residence Life

          vii. Student Affairs/Title IX

               1. Student Engagement

               2. Student Conduct

          viii. University Events

               1. Military and Veterans Services

          ix. Recreational Sports and Fitness

E. Advancement: (1)

     a. Vice President’s Office

          i. Alumni Relations

          ii. Advancement Services

          iii. Annual Giving

          iv. Donor Relations and Prospect Management

          v. College Development Gift Officers

          vi. University Communications

*Number designates minimum staff senators who can serve in that Division.