In continuing efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for its students, employees, and visitors, the University of North Alabama (UNA) has adopted and implemented policies and programs that address the illegal and improper use of alcohol and other drugs by members of the university community. UNA has a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy, which states, in part, that an individual who has drug, alcohol, or related problems may voluntarily seek counseling and follow prescribed treatment without fear of recrimination. Assistance may be given in referring persons to various community

agencies which are trained and equipped to treat persons with drug or alcohol problems. These referral services are available at the University Health Center for students and through the faculty, staff, or service employee's supervisor, department head, or Assistant Vice President for Human Resources for faculty, staff, and service employees.


*For more detailed information regarding the DAAPP, please visit the following: https://www.una.edu/studentaffairs/policies/daapp-2021.pdf