Student Conduct Record Request

In accordance with Federal and State regulations and in adherence to the University of North Alabama's records policy, students are afforded the right to request a record of their disciplinary history. Please utilize this form appropriately to submit such a request.

Please note our office will respond to a completed request in approximately 5 business days. Our office will process this request in the order in which it was received.

Please note our office is only able to answer questions pertaining to student disciplinary records. Older records may have been removed per UNA's Record Retention Policy and pertinent State and Federal law; therefore, they may not be available to be included in the Disciplinary Records request.



Disciplinary Records Request

If you are a current or former UNA student, and you want to request your certification of your student conduct record or to have our department send your certification to another entity, please use the below form to submit your request. Please be aware that you will need to provide your Student ID # or your EmplID # which can be found in your UNA portal.


Outside Disciplinary Record Request

By completing the form below, you may request information related to a current or former University of North Alabama student's disciplinary record. Your submission must include an Authorization of Release form signed by the student whose record you are requesting. The Office of Student Conduct maintains records relating to violations of the University’s Academic Honesty Policy and Code of Student Conduct Code; therefore, the information contained in the Outside Disciplinary Record Request will be limited to the student's disciplinary record. 

The retention of student disciplinary records is governed by state and federal law, as well as University Regulations. Depending on the age of the records and the applicable record retention requirements, some records may not be available for inclusion in the Disciplinary Records request.

Please note our office will respond to a completed request within approximately 5 business days. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.