Division of Student Affairs


Student Affairs promotes lifelong development, healthy living, leadership, integrity, employability, and civic responsibility in a global society.


Developing Leaders, Inspiring Success

Core Values

As professionals committed to students, Student Affairs staff members exhibit the following core values:

  • Integrity - adhere to professional standards of personal, academic, and intellectual integrity
  • Community - embrace the diversity of cultural backgrounds, personal characteristics, and life situations represented in this community
  • Social Justice - value and inspire a just and equitable environment for the free expression of ideas, opinions, thoughts, and differences in people. They understand that their actions serve as an example to students and therefore will challenge actions that may be harmful to and/or diminish the worth of others.
  • Respect - display respect for the rights and dignity of all
  • Responsibility - UNA Student Affairs staff members exhibit a high level of responsibility to self, to others, and to the community.

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