The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is responsible for providing opportunities and resources which promote the development of professional and personal growth for the Student Affairs staff members. This is done by:
a. identifying and addressing issues and/or current topics of interest;
b. facilitating the exchange of information and resources through programs, website, and/or workshops;
c. recognizing the outstanding accomplishments and exemplary efforts of Student Affairs staff members who contribute to the improvement of the quality of student life at UNA. 


The SAPD Committee consist of 9 Student Affairs professionals that meet at 11:30 a.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. The levels that make up the committee includes, 1 chair, 2 senior-level staff, 2 mid-level staff, 2 entry-level staff, 1 support staff, and 1 graduate assistant. Each member serves a two-year term beginning June 1 - May 31.

  • Senior-Level: those who have supervisory responsibility for one or more functional units in the Division. 
  • Mid-Level: those who have supervisory responsibility for either graduate assistants or entry-level professionals. 
  • Entry-Levels: those who have limited or no supervisory responsibility and a heavy amount of direct contact with students.
  • Support Staff: those who work as administrative assistants or secretaries around the division. They tend to have limited supervisory responsibility and a high amount of contact with students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Graduate Assistant: those who are enrolled full-time in a graduate program and work part-time in a department or office within the division. 

How To Get Involved

 If you are interested in joining the Student Affairs Professional Development Committee, communicate that interest to the SAPD committee. The committee will solicit interest from all Student Affairs staff in late April. For any questions or concerns, feel free to email SAPD at

  • SAPD Committee 2022

  • Minnette Ellis - Associate Vice President & Dean of Students
  • Anna Leigh Vaccaro - Chair
  • Duell Aldridge
  • Bethany Green
  • Nick Gordon
  • Gloria Doxie
  • Laci Lake
  • Meagan Thompson
  • Katlin Parham
  • Hollon McCullar
  • Jessie Lindley