Title IX for Employees

Title IX, along with other federal laws, applies to employees in addition to students. If you, as an employee, experience discrimination on the basis of sex or gender, including sexual harassment, and would like to make a report, please contact UNA's Title IX Coordinator or file a report here.

Mandated Reporters 

All UNA employees are considered "mandated reporters." That means that any employee (that is not otherwise designated as a Confidential Reporting option) who receives notice of sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating/domestic partner violence, or stalking is obligated to report the information to the Title IX Coordinator.

In addition, UNA employees may have other reporting obligations under state and federal laws. These reporting requirements may include statistical reports under the Clery Act and mandatory reporting obligations of child abuse. 

Complete this form to report abuse or neglect of a child (under 18). 

Alabama law makes the reporting of known or suspected child abuse or neglect mandatory for University employees, hospitals, clinics, medical professionals, teachers, school officials, law enforcement officials, social workers, daycare workers, mental health professionals, members of the clergy, and any other person called upon to render aid or assistance to a child. All University personnel should immediately report known or suspected child abuse or neglect by filling out this form and returning it to UPD.
A “child” is anyone under 18 years of age or otherwise as provided by Section 26-14-1 of the Alabama code. 
All University personnel should immediately report known or suspected child abuse or neglect by filling out this form and returning it to UPD. If you have questions, please contact UPD at 256-765-4223. UPD will assist you in relaying all the information that was shared with you and will make any further referrals necessary to DHR or local law enforcement. 
Any person who makes a good faith report of child abuse or neglect shall not be subjected to retaliation. Further, any person or entity that makes a good faith report of child abuse or neglect is immune under Alabama law from any liability-- civil or criminal --that might otherwise be incurred or imposed.


Title IX Training

It is critical for our UNA community to prevent hostile environments on the basis of sex, prohibit sexual harassment and sexual violence, protect from retaliation, and remedy the effects of other gender-based forms of discrimination. One step in addressing this issue is making sure that University employees know to whom and how information should be reported when an individual reports being a victim of this behavior.

As mandated by federal law and in an effort to comply with the overall Title IX compliance effort, the University provides a Harassment Prevention training to all employees through our partner, EverFi. This course is usually assigned and due in late fall. For questions, please contact Human Resources.

The Office of Title IX also has created optional training modules for your review. For information on optional training, contact Kayleigh Baker, Title IX Coordinator at kbaker5@una.edu

The Office of Title IX also routinely calls for volunteers to serve as volunteers in the Title IX Grievance Process. Those volunteers receive extensive training related to Title IX. Employees who are interested in serving in the Pool are encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator.


Faculty Syllabi Requirements

Per Shared Governance approval March 2015, faculty must put information about Title IX on their syllabi. This strategy educates our students about resources and reporting mechanisms should they be a victim of sexual violence or know someone who may be a victim.

First Year Experience (FYE) Instructors

Trained facilitators provide a 50 minute class discussion in all FYE classes dedicated to explaining Title IX, campus policies, consent, bystander intervention, reporting options, and resources.

Submit an online request for a facilitator email titleix@una.edu.

Syllabus Wording Version I

Syllabus Wording Version II

Click Here to Make a Report

In the case of an emergency, CALL 911 for immediate assistance. Report forms are not checked after business hours.