Year of the UNA Woman

In 1872, the State Normal School at Florence, now the University of North Alabama, opened its doors to women – making Alabama’s oldest four-year university the first state-supported co-educational institution south of the Ohio River and the oldest co-educational teacher’s college in the USA.

One hundred and fifty years later, we proudly observe this sesquicentennial. We welcome to our historic campus courageous women who are trailblazers, tireless advocates, unparalleled champions, and the next generation of leaders who through inspirational stories, events, and celebrations, will mark this milestone in our campus history and help us chart a path of progressive innovation for the next one hundred and fifty years.

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Year of UNA Woman Tradition logo

Image of Harrison Fountain

Harrison Fountain, the most iconic symbol of the generosity of UNA alumna Laura M. Harrison, has become a signature piece on UNA’s already gorgeous campus. Each year, when the fountain is turned on, students and visitors alike know that warmer weather is on the way. For more information: Please call UNA Student Affairs at 256-765-4791 or visit Light the Fountain.

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UNA Founders' Day

The University of North Alabama, originally known as LaGrange College in nearby Leighton, Alabama, opened its doors to students Jan. 11, 1830. While the name and location may have changed in the intervening 190 years, the goal of educating students has remained the same.

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Lucky Dip

UNA's Lucky Dip is an annual tradition, usually occurring in August. Start your semester off right and join us at the fountain!

Please check this page for future updates and exact dates for the next Lucky Dip.

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