Course Evaluation Process

The OIRPA routinely processes course/instructor evaluations for academic departments. For several years we have provided a standardized format for reporting the results of course/instructor evaluations. The report includes university-wide, college-wide and departmental averages, as well as individual course/instructor results.


Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your department's evaluations are processed correctly and in a timely manner
Step 1: Read Course Evaluation Memo  Course Evaluation Memo
Step 2: Request Scantrons for you Department by filling out a Scantron Order Form Scantron Order Form

Step 3:  Code Scantrons correctly-Click to the right for a fillable Excel document.  Please type all Codes into this document, print, and send to OIRPA as Instructor/Course Code List. 

  • It is the responsibility of each department to ensure the codes are correct. OIRPA checks them (twice!), and makes every effort to correct mistakes. However, we typically process 12,000 to 14,000 evaluations each semester, and we cannot find everything. There are some mistakes that we cannot correct. 

Code List

Step 4: Distribute Evaluation Packets

  • If you need assistance putting together your evaluation packet, please contact Melissa Thornton at 256-765-5827  
Evaluation Packet can be printed here
Step 5:  All Completed forms should be collected by the department (not OIRPA), removed from individual course/instructor envelopes, and submitted in one batch by the department to OIRPA.



  • Forms should be turned the same direction.

  • Every effort should be made to ensure that the forms are not wrinkled or bent, as these can damage the scanner, and all paper clips and rubber band should be removed.

  • You must attach a course list with each course/section listed in the same format as it would appear on the Scantron form. We use this list when we are checking the data.

  • Forms that are submitted after the original batch has been scanned will not be included in the analysis or reflected in the report

Step 6 : A memo detailing the desired analysis and report content must be included with the forms (click to the right for the attached MEMO)

Report Format

Standard Format Includes:

  • A department summary sheet that shows the percentages and average response to each of the standard university questions (questions 1-15), the department average for each question.
  • Individual instructor sheet summary, containing percentages and averages for all the courses of that individual instructor combined.
  • Individual class statistics by instructor, by course, and by section.
  • Requests for standard format reports, which are coded correctly and submitted to the OIRPA by the end of the final exam period each semester, will be completed in a timely manner.
  • Optional report formats (i.e. electronic raw data copies; excel) will be completed only after standard reports have been produced for all departments.
Step 7: You will be notified when to pick up used scantrons after reports have been completed. Review these reports immediately.  If any errors are found, please notify Bliss Adkison as soon as possible (vbsavell).  

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