Annual and Five Year Report

Annual Report


July 31st 2020

  • Annual Reports due for academic support and academic departments

September-November 2020

  • Long-Term/Strategic Goals reviewed by Deans/VPs
  • Institutional Effectiveness Complete Meta-Assessment Review for each department
  • Deans/VPs receive feedback regarding assessment findings for their departments

December 2020-January 2021

  • Department feedback face-to-face meeting scheduled to review result

Annual Report Resources

UNA Academic Program Inventory

ACHE Program Inventory

Five Year Report


January 2020

  • OIRPA initiatives individual departments meetings as needed

July 2020

  • Five-Year Reviews completed and sent to Dean and OIRPA for review

September 2020

  • Deans/Vice Presidents meet with departments to discuss review

October 2020

  • OIRPA alerts selected departments up for review

Five Year Report Information