Welcome Class of 2021

We are a little more than a week away from seeing the campus spring back to life, when classes begin for all students. It is a day I look forward to, one that marks both new beginnings as well as fresh renewal for students, faculty and administrators.

As I have said many times, the University of North Alabama is committed to bringing our students an extraordinary experience. In our ever-evolving and rapidly changing world, the university must remain on the cutting edge for delivering a high-quality, personalized education that will give our students the opportunities they seek.

Everything we do here can be a learning experience. We want that experience to be extraordinary whether it’s taking place in the classroom, through student life activities, in the community, or on the fields of athletic competition. UNA is a place for discovery and creative accomplishment, and we offer a variety of outreach activities for meeting the professional, civic, social, cultural, and economic development needs of our region.

And we want this experience to happen in an environment that is challenging yet supporting and safe. Essential to such an environment are the values of fairness, dignity and respect. These values are ones we hold dear and want to see in action every day in classrooms, in athletics – all across our remarkable campus.

Thank you for choosing the University of North Alabama. On behalf of our faculty and staff -- talented professionals all who are committed to helping you succeed – welcome!

Roar Lions!


Dr. Ken Kitts