Student Alumni Association Ambassadors

The Student Alumni Association at the University of North Alabama is made up of student ambassadors who are a direct link between alumni and current students. "The purpose of the organization shall be to create and enhance student and alumni relations as well as serving as a Student Association under the umbrella of the University of North Alabama National Alumni Association and the University of North Alabama Office of Alumni Relations. The organization will also assist in specified endeavors of the University of North Alabama Office of Advancement and Office of Communications. These alliances will strive to develop avenues of involvement, which will foster an atmosphere of tradition, pride, and loyalty to UNA." - Student Alumni Association Ambassadors Constitution

Executive Officers:

President: Kayla Walton
Vice President: Kaycie Prescott
Director of Administration: Dylan Wrenn
Director of Events: Allie Bowman
Director of Communication: Laurel Ann Butz
Director of Membership: Matt Anderson



Hannah Benson
Rylie Braden
Ryleigh Crawford
Lauren Devine
Saddler Emory
Maeve Eubanks
Azaria Feagin
Rachel Ford
Julia Garrett
Aleya Gilley
MacKenna Gosart
Zach Herndon
Macy McKeever
Shana Melton
Leelee Ozbirn
Ritu Patel
Savanna Robertson
Brody Sutherland

Charlie Gordon


Class of 2021

Major: Communication Studies

Kayla Walton

Vice President

Class of 2022

Major: Computer Science

Makenzie Bullard

Director of Administration

Class of 2021

Major: Biology

Kaycie Prescott

Director of Communication

Class of 2022

Major: Communication Studies and Health Promotion

Matt Anderson

Director of Events

Class of 2022

Major: Professional Management

Rebekah Matthews

Director of Membership

Class of 2021

Major: Biology

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is responsible for publicizing, marketing, and promoting all Student Alumni Association sponsored events and meetings through local and University media.


  • Kaycie Prescott (Director)
  • Lauren Devine
  • Saddler Emory
  • Azaria Feagin
  • Leelee Ozbirn
  • Molly Stephens

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning all Student Alumni Association signature events in conjunction with the Student Alumni Association Advisor and Graduate Assistant for Alumni Relations. The Events Committee is tasked with planning the Promising Alumni Reveal with the Office of Alumni Relations.


  • Matt Anderson (Director)
  • Allie Bowman
  • Rylie Braden
  • Laurel Ann Butz
  • Gracie Dutton
  • Dylan Wrenn

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of membership and internal affairs of the Student Alumni Association.


  • Rebekah Matthews (Director)
  • Matthew Harbin
  • Stacy Mandru
  • Savana Robertson