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At the University of North Alabama, Students interested in pursuing a career as an art teacher for the public school system will pursue a double major in Art and Education and attain the Bachelor of Science degree in Art and Bachelor of Science degree in Education concurrently. While each state will have its own process for obtaining a Teaching Certificate, below is the process implemented by the state of Alabama.

Complete the Appropriate Art Education Degree Program

The class B certification is the most common certification sought by new teachers. The process involves obtaining a bachelor’s degree, completing the Teacher Education Program (TEP), and applying for state certification.

Before selecting the appropriate certification program, students will need to decide at which level of education they plan to teach. The Alabama State Department of Education certifies art educators at one of three levels:

  • Middle School (4-8)
  • Secondary (6-12)
  • Elementary-Secondary (P-12)

Qualifying for the TEP component of the degree program requires the following:

  • Maintaining a C+ average
  • Receiving a passing score on a written exam
  • Receiving a passing score on the TEP interview
  • Completing Speech with a grade of C or higher
  • Completing 29 semester hours of professional studies
  • Completing 33 semester hours in the teaching field
  • Completing Orientation to Teacher Education
  • Completing nine additional semester hours of math
  • Completing one additional semester of science
  • Proving basic music skills either by testing or taking an additional course

Pass the Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program (AECTP) and Praxis II Test

To become certified as an art educator in Alabama students must successfully pass the Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program, which will test their basic writing, math, and reading skills.

Apply for Certification with the Alabama Department of Education

Once you have completed your education, students will then need to meet a background check and clearance requirement, and prove they have passed their tests prior to the issuance of their certificate.

Pursue Continuing Education and Renew License

Certified individuals must reinstate and renew their certificates within five years (60 months) of initial issuance.

Students pursuing the BSED double major will fulfill 54 hours of teaching field studies in Art and 29 hours of professional studies in education. The 54 hours art curriculum, as outlined for the BS degree program, includes courses in studio art, art history, and a course in methodology and materials in art.

The professional studies requirements are as follows:

  • ED 292 Pre-professional Seminar & Laboratory Experience (1)
  • ED 381 Instructional Technology for High School (3)
  • ED 333W Learning Theories and Student Development (3)
  • ED 382 Principles of High School Education (3)
  • ED 401 Evaluations of Teaching and Learning (3)
  • ED 475 Content Literacy (3)
  • ED 480W Materials and Methods of High School Teaching (3)
  • ED 481 Senior Seminar (1)
  • ED 484 Multilevel Student Internship P-12 (6)
  • EEX 340 Introduction to Students with Disabilities (3)

As part of general education requirements, students pursuing the Art and Education double major must take the AR 170 Art Appreciation course for their Area II studies (Arts & Humanities) and HI 101 & 102 World Civilization sequence for their Area III studies (Social & Behavioral Sciences). A total of 41 credit hours are required to fulfill the general education course requirements.

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