Art Degree - Photography Concentration

The Photography concentration
moves you from structured studies in the sophomore year to a self-determined learning focus in the senior year in which your individual interests will be emphasized. You will gain working knowledge in both film and digital photography, learn historic and alternative imaging processes, and explore both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. When you graduate, you will have built a portfolio that demonstrates your technical ability and creative originality.


Planning Sheet: Bachelor of Fine Art (Photography)

Program Template: 4 year plan (Photography)

The Photo department does annual trips to Atlanta and Nashville visiting photographers, photo studios, galleries and a Study abroad programe in Paris France. In addition, The photo department does collaborations with the UNA departments such as culinary, writing, and entertainment industries departments.
Black and White print enlargers
Print dryers
Dry Mount Press
Matt Cutter
Studio lighting equipment
Medium and large formate cameras
Digital Medium formate camera