Hospitality and Events Management, BS

About the Program

The Hospitality and Events Management degree at the University of North Alabama is for you if you are interested in:

  • A fast-paced, exciting, fun, rewarding and dynamic work environment
  • Opportunities to work in the industry while obtaining your Bachelor of Science degree at UNA
  • Immediate employment opportunities for career advancement upon graduation in the U.S. or overseas
  • Selection of online and/or on-campus courses
  • Small classes taught by competent, caring and accessible international faculty with wide-ranging global industry-experience, which lead to big gains in learning
  • An affordable Bachelor of Science degree
  • Graduating in four years with UNA’s Finish in 4 plan
  • Specialized hands-on learning through collaborative events with business, industry and the community, which complement the courses in the curriculum
  • Valuable and value-added career-defining internships in the hospitality industry
  • Study abroad opportunities 
  • A choice of more than 100 engaging student organizations ranging from academic and honorary, to community service and special interest-focused, create opportunities to find your passion, build global networks, hone leadership skills, get involved, make an impact and have some fun
  • Networking with industry professionals eager to hire our graduates 

Our unique Hospitality and Events Management curriculum supports critical thinking and offers the opportunity to work in team-based environments while developing independent thinking and creativity. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation and builds communication skills that will empower you to shape your future. It offers career-defining internships and fosters strong relationships with industry professionals, guiding you on your path to a successful and rewarding career amid ever-changing circumstances. We understand that life is full of exciting, dynamic opportunities and we encourage you to pursue all your interests and explore your options, using the open electives in this program.


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Hospitality and Events Management Program

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Prema Monteiro, MS, EdS

Professor of Culinary Arts Mgmt. / Hospitality and Events Mgmt.
Department of Visual Arts and Design
University of North Alabama
Box 5006
Florence, AL 35632  
Office: East Campus, Room 302
            1640 Tune Ave.
            Florence, AL 35632
Phone: 256-765-5227