Bachelor of Fine Arts Interior Architecture and Design

Good interior design is not a luxury but a necessity. It can help to protect the environment, natural and human resources, and make the world a better place in which to live, work, and play. UNA’s Interior Design program provides students with an affordable education in interior design. Our School is an ideal setting where students are actively involved in learning and exploring the current and future roles of the interior design profession within a global society. More particularly, this context challenges our students to critically investigate the diverse roles of interior design and inspires us to explore new avenues of thought and attitudes toward why and how we design human environments.

Focusing on preparing well-rounded design professionals, the interdisciplinary foundation of our undergraduate program educates students to work in interior design and architecture firms. Graduates from our Department are prepared to work with other professionals, including architects and engineers in the design of residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

The interior design programs strike a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of design. The theoretical component is essential to creative problem solving; the practical component ensures the marketability of the graduate. The interior design curriculum is formulated to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of theory, history, technology, communication, professional and design skills. There are three basic types of courses within the department: studio courses in interior design; lecture courses in interior design subjects; and lecture courses in the human environmental sciences.

 B. F. A. in Interior Architecture and Design