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College of Arts and Sciences Master's Degree Programs

For information about graduate admissions, please contact Dr. Carolyn Barske, Interim Graduate Admissions Coordinator at or 256-765-4529 and review the College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Information Sheet.

Criminal Justice - The criminal justice program offers coursework leading to the Masters in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for agency employment or continued study in the field of criminal justice/criminology. 

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Christopher Purser (256) 765-4535

English - The Master of Arts degree in English at UNA is designed to support students in their intellectual and professional development. The program provides a firm foundation in British and American literature to prepare graduates to teach at the college level or to continue their studies. *Note: If you are wishing to gain a Class A Teaching Certificate, please visit our Education page.

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Kelly Latchaw (256) 765-4492

Family Studies - The graduate program in Family Studies focuses on understanding the dynamics of families in a changing society, as well as the impact that family interaction has on individual development and success. The core objective of the Family Studies M.S. program is to teach students the essential skills and competencies designed to enhance the quality of life within families.

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Amber Paulk (256) 765-4855

Geospatial Science - The geospatial science program is an innovative approach to applying spatial knowledge and technology to solve contemporary problems. It focuses on the multidisciplinary application of geography, the spatial paradigm, and methods of geopatial technologies.

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. David Brommer (256) 765-4246

History - The Master of Arts degree in History at UNA is designed to meet the needs of our students and the modern workforce. Our graduates have a solid foundation in the methodologies of traditional academic history, and are prepared for a variety of opportunities, including professional advancement and teaching. Additionally, students who hope to enter the field of Public History are well prepared through class work, fieldwork, and internship opportunities. Our community provides Public History students with experience in the variety of aspects of the discipline. *Note: If you are wishing to gain a Class A Teaching Certificate, please visit our Education page. 

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Sarah Franklin (256) 765-5774

Tuition Information

Information about graduate tuition can be found at (online only students receive in-state tuition)

College of Arts and Sciences Application Deadlines

Fall Semester:

February 1 - to apply for an assistantship, all materials and scores must be submitted to the Office of Admissions by February 1. Please contact the department graduate coordinator to determine eligibility for assistantships.

July 1 - regular fall admission deadline

Spring Semester: November 1

Summer Semester: April 1