Master of Arts in History

Advance your history knowledge and career on campus or online

If you’re pursuing a career in teaching history, or just want to further your intellectual and professional development, the M.A. in History at UNA offers an outstanding program, with an affordable price tag. Classes are taught on our historic campus located in an area rich with Civil Rights landmarks, Civil War battlegrounds, and the Trail of Tears route, or you may take classes online from your location.

Designed as a generalist program with an emphasis on U.S. history, UNA’s M.A. in History prepares graduates to teach at the secondary level and beyond. Courses are taught by highly qualified professors with numerous publications and a wide variety of research interests. Their expertise offers students a rich but attainable graduate experience.

Student may choose between Thesis and Non-Thesis options for the M.A. in History degree.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree in History through the University of North Alabama. Through a variety of online and night classes I was able to continue working while working towards my goals. The professors were always willing to answer any questions that I had and helped me grow so much as a teacher and historian. I would highly suggest applying at UNA.

Caitlan Daniel
M.A. in History

The M.A. in History prepares students to teach at the secondary level and beyond, pursue Ph.D. studies, and attain career or salary advancement or further study in fields of education, law, library science, journalism, seminary training, government, and business.

Program Requirements

Program of Study Form (.pdf)

Master of Arts Degree in History requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of credit and includes the following core and options:

Core Courses of Study 15

Elective Courses of Study18

Research Skill Requirement: The M.A. in history requires demonstration of a research skill. Students satisfy the research skill requirement by successfully completing graduate coursework inforeign language reading proficiency or by the successful completion of a reading proficiency examination administered through the Department of Foreign Languages. A student may also satisfy the research skill requirement through successful completion of upper-division coursework as approved by the graduate committee of the Department of History.

Total 33

NON-THESIS OPTION: students choosing the Non-Thesis Option must complete six hours of HI 640, Directed Research and Study in addition to the core and 12 additional semester hours of 500-600 level history electives. Comprehensive Examination: students choosing the non-thesis option must enroll in and satisfactorily complete HI 698, Comprehensive Exam.

THESIS OPTION: students choosing the Thesis Option must complete a minimum of six semester hours of HI 695, Thesis, in addition to the core and 12 additional semester hours of 500-600 level history electives. Thesis Defense: students choosing the thesis option must enroll in and satisfactorily complete HI 699, Thesis Defense.

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